Chocolate Protein Milkshake

Designer Whey 32g Native Whey Isolate Protein

32g of Non-GMO, leucine-rich native whey protein isolate, cold filtered from milk without denaturation of the critical whey peptides typically found in regular whey protein isolates. Free of artificial growth hormones. With added free form BCAAs, plus glutamine to aid transport of leucine into muscle cells which triggers protein synthesis leading to increased muscle mass and body strength.

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  • 32g of native whey protein isolate per serving complete with all the essential amino acids
  • Clinically proven superior performance in muscle power output and recovery in clinical studies versus regular whey isolates, milk protein isolates, casein, and placebos:
    • Higher potential power output during resistance training
    • Increased muscle explosiveness in sprints
    • Steady increase in strength during training
    • Earlier muscle power recovery after intensive exercise
  • The 32g of naturally occurring protein in this product are from native whey isolate. Free form amino acids have not been counted as part of the 32g of protein
  • One serving of this product contains 36g of protein nitrogen when the free form amino acids are included in the calculation
  • 5.5g Leucine, 9.6g BCAAs, 18.1g EAAs per serving
  • 2g net carbs, 1g naturally occurring sugar, and less than 1g fat per serving
  • 150 calories per serving
  • Free of artificial growth hormones
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives
  • Certified gluten-free and kosher
  • Flip top lid with scoop holder for easy opening and access to powder
  • Environmentally sustainable packaging